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King Of My Heart Lyrics

I’m in a war every minute

I know for sure I’ll never win it

I am David up against Goliath

And it’s a fight for my attention

I’m being pulled every direction

This world tells me trust what I can see

Lord, won’t You help me

Believe what I believe



‘Cause You are

Bigger than any battle I’m facing

You are

Better than anything I’ve been chasing

Savior and Royalty

The only hope for me

Jesus, You are, You are

The King of my heart, heart

The King of my heart, heart


All by myself I fall to pieces

But You are strong when I am weakest

I feel Your Kingdom come alive in me

My feet are bruised but they’ll follow

Where You lead




Your love is deeper than the ocean

You wash away my brokenness

Your arms are always open

Come and rule in me

Come and be my King




You’re the King of my heart, heart

The King of my heart, heart

You’re the King of my heart, heart

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One story about "King Of My Heart"

  • Sue Curfman says:

    I have been involved in the pro-life battle for many years, since the early 80′s. I have been getting discouraged lately because I have been looking at the worldly things, like the pro-aborts have so much money, the media supports them, the government supports them, etc. Lately I have been having to remind myself that even if they are Goliath and seem that they are winning, God is in control and He is bigger than anything in this world. Today when I heard your song it spoke to my heart. It was a message from God to remind me to keep up the good fight. Thank you for the encouragement.

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