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  • michael wright says:

    A song my dad used to play on guitar.
    Amen, Thank the Lord for such a great Love He really does have for all humans!!
    This song simply is a great one, well done by a favorite band who’s Love for Christ has always been amazing to me!!
    Anyone who has a bad day, or they feel in a rut in this life, or feel completely “Broken” as I have, believe this, We have a Great God who will Love you back to Life through that “Brokeness”. That word, alone used to haunt me when refelcted on past, and my turning on God as a young man. No longer, I choose to keep moving fwd, and see life unfold in some real interesting ways. And, a ring on my right hand has the verse of choice for what I really need, and want to do…………Proverbs 3:5 &6. And, every day that convicts me to pick this old body up, and move on. Whoever reads this, may you find the true Love of God.

    1. Carly Viland says:

      So glad this song encourages you!

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