Fake It Video
Fake It Lyrics

I was chasing counterfeits
Tryin to find a fix
But all that I was missing was You

My hope was running out
Until you came around
And showed me there was nothing to prove (crazy)

Some would say it’s unexplainable
But I know, yeah I know what You can do

You’re changing my altitude
Your love is a whole new mood
Something I can put my faith in
You struck a match in the dark
You’re melting my plastic heart
This is real don’t have to fake it

It all quit makin’ sense
Keepin’ up appearances
Cause there ain’t no impressing You
You said don’t act like it’s all good, life ain’t Hollywood, no
No, no, no, no

You keep the faith in my heart
Never knew a love like this in my life
It was You all along
I know I belong
I’m right where I’m loved

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