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Drifting beneath the horizon
Body’s weak but I’m trying
To make it to shore
But I’m falling short
I need you more

Wave after wave I’ve been sinking
So unto your promise I’m clinging
You say that I’m strong
To you I belong
Keep holding on

You are my anchor
So steady me, steady me now
You are my anchor
You’re keeping my feet on the ground
In angry oceans you’ve never broken
Through every wave of the storm
You are my anchor
So steady me , steady me now
Come steady me, steady me now

When I get tired of fighting
All of the fears I’ve been hiding
You gave me your breath
And tell me to rest
You never left

I can hear you
Calling me by name
Pulling me out from under my shame
Never be the same
I can face anything
So let it rain

Don’t let go
I don’t want to do this alone
Don’t let go
I know that I’d drown on my own

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One story about "Anchor"

  • Helena says:

    This is a song that summarized one of the hardest seasons of my life-thus far. The lyrics described with chilling accuracy how I felt. I’ve almost drowned, both in the literal sense and the spiritual. I’ve struggled on my own, crying out to God to save me, to be near to me.
    In those moments, it was so hard to believe anything good: about myself, about life, about God. It was as if he had turned His back on me.
    It was not easy; it was actually heartbreaking and awful. But it taught me that no matter how dark things are, no matter how long the night is or how far God feels from me, He is always there and nothing can stop Him from accomplishing His glorious purpose.
    Skillet, thank you so much fir this song. It is a true gift, timely and well-written. God bless you all.

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