It’s me, Elaina! I’m not new here, but I’m new to middays! I’ve been working at Life 97.9 since September 2021 as the Listener Engagement Director handling all of our events! 10am – 2pm is an important time in your day, the 1st coffee refill, lunch, then the second or third or fourth (depending on the day) coffee refill. It’s the time when you need to refill and refuel your day! Join me for your midday refills and laughs.

This is if you want to know more about me. It’s more of a fair warning than a bio… so here is the rapid-fire guide to Elaina:

I’m a rechargeable introvert. I LOVE coffee, but I’ll never turn down a tea. I’m super competitive, but I lack general ability. I love to laugh and have a blast with friends, and I also love talking about the deep stuff. I talk a lot… but I’m a listener so I love getting to hear your story!

I’m here for one big reason – to live my life glorifying God and to bring people with me. Come with me 🙂