I honestly didn’t realize I was a morning person until I worked at a coffee shop after finishing college. I was often peppered with questions like “How many cups of coffee have you had this morning!?”, or “I’ll just have whatever Allen’s drinking!”. The thing is, most mornings I hadn’t even had a single cup yet!

On Uplifting Mornings, I may not be able to serve you a fresh cup of coffee (I’ll see what I can do if you come by the studio), but I can serve up joyful stories, encouraging conversation, and some Christly love and compassion!

When I’m not spending mornings with you, you’ll find me with my wonderful wife Lara, 3 year old son Sylvan, baby girl Samara, our Corgi Tucker, our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Cricket, and our feisty cat named Riddle…it’s a blessedly busy household!

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