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The Life 97.9 Music Team is a group of our listening family members who take the opportunity to rate the songs we play, and share opinions on our programming. When you join you can let us know your favorite songs, what you want to hear more (or less) of, and really help make Life 97.9 all you want it to be!

We send out a music survey about every two weeks (taking each survey is totally optional) and we sometimes draw from all completed surveys for some cool prizes.

Your input makes a BIG difference, thanks!

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Finding bright spots to celebrate

Birthdays, graduations, weddings, anniversaries – these happy occasions remind us that God is good, and life goes on, even if masks and social distancing change these celebrations just a bit. 


God is in control

The election is over, but we don’t yet know the results in the presidential race (thanks, 2020). Uncertainty over the outcome still remains. What should we do? We should remember that God is in control!



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LeAnn Franklin

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