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16 FREE Apps, Friday-Saturday only

Get 16 FREE Apps for Android like Monopoly, Runtastic Fitness Tracker, Polaris Office, SpinArt, King of Math Junior, and more. Amazon is celebrating their Appstore’s birthday with $50 worth of free Apps Friday and Saturday. Amazon – Free App of the Day – Appstore Hits  …


A “Selfie Stick”??

Having trouble taking that perfect selfie? There’s an app for that. No, wait – there’s a stick for that! A “Selfie Stick”. It’s simply a stick that you put your phone on to take a selfie, but recent news says these are gaining in popularity with teens. What do you think, would you ever use one?…


Father’s Day… is Dad really happy??

I’m in the “un-happiest” season of my life. That’s what books, articles, marriage counselors, psychologists and others tend to say. Research shows that as a young parent with young kids, I’m at the bottom of the bell curve of happiness. This news obviously isn’t great, and yet in one way…


Gadgets and parenting, some apps that help

Parenting is simultaneously awesome, fun, busy, and hard! Unfortunately my brain doesn’t always have the space to keep up with the day-to-day tasks and information. That’s why I’m trying some new ways to use gadgets (which can sometimes just be a distraction) to assist in my daily dad duties. Here are a few…


My kids hate school. What should I do?

Just before bedtime these three words came matter-of-factly from my oldest son, “I hate school.” He’s in 2nd grade. My two sons are excelling in school – in their schoolwork, friendships, and relationships with their teachers. In the last few months though I’ve seen some weariness creep in as…


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Drowning in the desert

Are you drowning in the desert? Are you parched for someone to listen, yet flooded with communication from TV, the internet, radio, and smart phones with email, texting, and constant torrents of social media?


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