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Tim Calcara


Seven takeaways from God’s Not Dead

I just went to see God’s Not Dead. Some of the acting was decent but other parts were honestly, only fair. That being said,  there were several takeaways that I would like to share that I hope will make you consider going and supporting this film.  And if you have kids in public high school or college who are struggling with the…


Cheering with God’s perspective

The other morning while watching the Olympics, I gazed at the Russian skating team on the podium singing jubilantly at the playing of their national anthem and I teared up for just a moment. That has never happened before. Oh, I’ve gotten teary eyed a thousand times through the years when American Olympians have stood there…


A resolution worth keeping

I am convinced that gifts that remind us of the giver are the greatest gifts of all. Take this coffee cup for instance. This gift was given to me for Christmas. It has pictures of my four wonderful grandchildren on it. I am convinced that it will make me smile every time I use it. To quote an old cliche, “It’s the gift that keeps…



Emery’s here. She’s a 7 lb.9 oz. bundle of joy!  I am so excited. Our fourth grand baby, born on October 18th couldn’t have come soon enough and we were all smiles when we saw her pretty face for the very first time. What a fun few weeks it has been! Anticipating her arrival got me thinking about another “anticipation” of sorts.…


Back to school means back to basics

Several members of my immediate family serve the public school system in our area.  My wife is a school nurse; my mother-in-law was a school nurse until she retired. I have two daughter-in-laws who are teachers and a son who will soon graduate with a degree in elementary education.  I’ve learned that family members who share a common…


Grace to respond when opportunity knocks

Jesus did his first miracle at a wedding in Cana of Galilee.  I’m thankful that he did another wedding miracle in my heart recently and I’d like to share it with you. But before I do,  I have a question. Let me ask you.  Have you ever made the mistake of seeing a divine appointment through your human set of eyes instead…


Dying to self…not my cup of tea

The Tea Cups. One of my favorite “must dos” when hanging out at an amusement park. Oh, but Tea Cups are just a warmup for me. I am the consummate theme park “fearless warrior”. I can ride anything at any time…and multiple times in a row if given the chance. For you see, I am called to lead the family through…


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