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Unplug your family

My wife and I were in a restaurant having lunch the other day with one of our sons, and couldn’t help but notice a nearby family: a mom, dad, two boys, and a daughter. The daughter was middle school age, and clearly in contemporary middle school mode:  ear buds securely in place, staring off into space.  Every aspect of her demeanor made…


Why you’ll want to check your bank / card statement for a $9.84 charge

With the news about the Target credit card breach, I hope you’ve had a chance to check your bank and credit card statements to make sure there aren’t any unauthorized charges. If you haven’t had a chance to sign up for the free credit monitoring from Target, that’s a first good step. Also, be on the lookout…


I found Jesus at Goodwill

Along with some other really great finds! Goodwill is a super source for those of us that enjoy the renew and repurpose style of decorating. And every Goodwill has its own personality depending on its location. I’ve noticed that pricing can vary as well.  What to do? Haunt all locations close to you and maybe a few not so close to you…



Have we forgotten how to do Thanksgiving?

You have probably seen the pictures since grade school. The first Thanksgiving meal with the Pilgrims and Indians enjoying a meal together and having a fairly good time. Thanksgiving has increasingly become a holiday we glance over. It has become a wayside rest on the road to Christmas. Historian Robert Tracy McKenzie would encourage…


Too much tech?

Technology changes so fast, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.  Not only does technology change quickly, but as it gets newer, it seems to require more and more of your time.  It’s nice to carry your calendar or be able to send email from your phone, but sometimes it can feel like a bit too much when you’re connected to…


Is Google God?

Is Google God? Columnist Thomas Friedman posed this question in The New York Times in June of 2003.  Quoting the vice-president of a Wi-Fi provider, Friedman writes that “Google, combined with Wi-Fi, is a little bit like God.  God is wireless, God is everywhere and God sees and knows everything.  Throughout history, people connected…



Less busyness = better life?

It’s a busy, busy world. The culture is chaotic, your city is bustling, and your life can roll along at a break-neck pace. Sometimes we excuse being so busy. You have to pay the bills, right? Author John Busacker probably agrees, but he also says the mantra ‘busy is better’ is baseless: Busacker has written the…

Peter Kapsner


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