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Thank you Hawley schools

I want to give a shout out to my daughter’s Hawley teachers. They have done a great helping kids through this tough time. So blessed to have staff that truly care about their students!
Missy Stewart

Thank you!

I want to extend a big thanks to Essentia Hospital on 32nd Ave in Fargo for being there for me when I slipped and fell on the ice on March 30. From the surgery that day, following appointments, and now PT, they’ve all been so great!

Thank you

I would like to send a huge THANK YOU to the staff of the Northwood Deaconess Health Center for all their hard work & dedication during this pandemic.

Many thanks!

A big thank you to all the essential workers who have been working tirelessly in this pandemic. We appreciate all that you do!

Thank You!!!

You are amazing, Mom! You will work through anything! You are one of the most at risk because you work as a surgeon at the hospital, but you power through and everyone appreciates it! Thank you!


You are a beautiful daughter who is graduating from U of Jamestown with a BSN in Nursing. Sanford is lucky to have you come work in there ICU. You are a loving mom of our grandson Mason. Happy Mother’s Day, Megan Badinger!

Thank you all

I just want to give you all a special thanks for being the best and helping others like me out. You all are very concerned about our health and how we will overcome this time of need. I want to give a special thanks to my mental health counselor and all of you here on Life 97.9. You guys have helped me overcome the hardest struggles that I would have not been able to do alone. I appreciate all your help and for taking the time out of your days to help people like me. You deserve to be recognized.

Best leader ever

I want to thank you for being a leader in the Pediatric unit at Sanford. You are a strong Christian leader being an example to the nurses on the floor and not afraid to work right with the nurses. I know you are my daughter, but you are first a child of God and you are doing His work.


Paraprofessionals, specifically in Moorhead (because that’s who I see every day) and across all districts, you are doing your best to provide distance support to your students, daycare for essential workers’ children, and anything you can do to help your teachers teach. Your job changes every day and still you bring it every day! You’re awesome!

Elisabeth Else – Casey cashier

I just want to thank my daughter who I think has done an awesome job serving people through the COVID epidemic. I have not heard her complain about long hours or lack of sleep. She’s out there smiling and serving us with big changes to her life everyday. I pray she does not get sick but she goes on like it’s another day. God bless her and everyone helping us get through this!

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