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A note from the manager – November 2019

What are you thankful for? Because our Thanksgiving holiday falls in November, it seems appropriate to count our blessings this month. For myself, I am grateful to God for my loving wife and family, my church, and my place of employment. I’m sure you have a similar list of things you’re thankful for. Gratitude can (and should) be a…


A note from the manager – October 2019

I don’t know about you, but I am easily distracted. I’ll start one task, see something else that catches my attention, and before long I’ve completely spaced the thing I set out to do. Does that happen to you too? Distractions. They happen to all of us. Last week during our Life 97.9 Fall Share fundraiser, I’m afraid the impending winter…


A note from the manager – September 2019

There is no more crucial time in a person’s life than when they are contemplating ending it all. Depression had gripped Mary’s life, and she was losing hope because she had so much to deal with. In that moment, she was listening to Life 97.9. Here’s what she told us: “Hearing Lauren Daigle’s song, “You Say”, on Life 97.9 has stopped…


A note from the manager – August 2019

“The good news of the kingdom of God…” “Thy kingdom come…” When Jesus taught the people of his day, he often invoked the term “the kingdom of God”, or as it’s used in the gospel of Matthew, “the kingdom of heaven”. What does this phrase mean? I’ve heard many explanations, but the most common ones are that this is a picture of what heaven…


A note from the manager – July 2019

Now that our financial year is over, I wanted to let you know more precisely about our financial position. Our goal was $875,000 and we ended up with $836,285 from our faithful listeners. This is a new record for Life 97.9 donations! Thank you! As I mentioned on the air, thanks to careful money management, we are able to pay our bills…


A note from the manager – June 2019

Back in 1996, I moved from a commercial Christian radio station to a non-commercial Christian station. The main thing on my mind as I made this move was, “Now I’ve got to ask listeners for money.” The prospect was not appealing. Now, after 23 years in non-commercial ministries, I wouldn’t dream of going back. What made the difference…


A note from the manager – May 2019

Happy belated Mother’s Day! Observing Mother’s Day gives all of us the chance to reflect on the influence our moms have played in our lives. When I think about my mom, the word that comes to my mind is love, unconditional love. I don’t know about you, but when I think about how someone has loved me unconditionally, it prompts me to consider…


A note from the manager – April 2019

Life along 52nd Ave South is going to be a little crazy this summer. This is because of the reconstruction project going on; widening the road from 45th St to 63rd St, which is right in front of our studio building. However, in exchange for a summer of detours, we will gain a beautiful new four-lane road, complete with turn lanes and traffic…


A note from the manager – February 2019

Homelessness is a problem everywhere. I know that we typically think of homeless people as old men dealing with substance abuse problems, but that’s not true. Any one of us could end up homeless, given a certain set of circumstances. Job loss, bankruptcy, marital breakup, and domestic abuse; when these things happen to people who…


A note from the manager – January 2019

Hello! A couple of weeks ago during a fundraiser, one of the on-air hosts referenced the Gospel story of the feeding of the 5,000. The point was that even gifts we consider small, like five loaves and two fish, are important. Jesus multiplies the gifts, and needs are met. Reflecting on that, I went back to my office and read the text.…


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