I recently spoke with Travis Lin for Mental Health Awareness Month.

Travis Lin for Mental Health Awareness

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  • Iam in a wheelchair, so I am dependent on my husband for a LOT of things. We have been married for almost 43 years. When I met him 44 years ago, I asked him if he believed in God and he replied “yes” but recently I learned that the God he believes in is a distant God who doesn’t care. I always thought that “even if U were raised in a different religion, as long as it is a Christian religion U still had Jesus in common” but it turns out that he doesn’t even believe that Jesus is God’s son! And he doesn’t believe in the bible because he says it was written LONG after the diciples were dead, and he doesn’t want to discuss religion AT ALL! He also calls me the “Christian Teleban” when I try. He is 7 and a half years older than I am, and is VERY practicle about everything, and is GREAT at fixing things mechanically. Since COVID and it’s variants hit, a couple years ago, he is the only vehicle I can ride in now being in a wheelchair, so I’m dependent on him for my rides. But he has 2 stints in his heart and doesn’t like to go anywhere ever, or doesn’t consider it a priority. But before COVID hit, I could ride with my son, to places so I would get out occasionally, but now he has a mini van, for his family, which is too high for me to get into, even if they have room. We have joined Walmart+ so we get things delivered, and have always been on Amazon Prime it seems like. And our kids do shopping for us too, so we don’t lack anything there. We are both older. I am 65 and he is 72, so we are both retired, so we are home together every day all day. We are opposite in about everything, since they say “opposites attract” but then we have to live together until we die, I guess, since neither of us believes in divorce, but he is SO “MY WAY” kind of person. When we moved to our current residence here in West Fargo back in 2005 it took us a LONG time to find a house for me to live in, since I’m in a wheelchair, it had to have an open floor plan, so we lived in Watertown SD at the time. I had gotten tired of making the trip up here to Fargo to look at houses, because my body couldn’t take it anymore, so he came up a level in price, so now we live in a home we really can’t afford!! But we make it work, by getting discounts on things by our “senior” ages. He is so much technie as well as machanically inclined then I am, so I’m dependent on him to program my phone as well as my computer, when I’m having troubles. He worked for the Natural Resources Conservation Service for over 30 years, and so I am dependent on him for not only that but also for him getting me in and out of bed now too, since I can’t do that myself either anymore.

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