“It was the best of times; it was the worst of times” – that’s the memorable opening line of Charles Dickens’ masterpiece “A Tale of Two Cities”. I’ve heard some speak of this year, 2020, with that same phrase. It would be very easy to write off this year as “the worst of times.”

Despite the shadow that COVID-19 is undoubtedly throwing across this year, we can still find bright spots to celebrate. Birthdays, graduations, weddings, anniversaries – these happy occasions remind us that God is good, and life goes on, even if masks and social distancing change these celebrations just a bit.

And of course, God is still at work! We’ve seen that in some of the many messages that listeners have sent us recently.

“All the songs on Life 97.9 give me reason to hope and are a source of inspiration.”

“The song on Life 97.9 called “Keep Me in the Moment” by Jeremy Camp reminds me to focus on the good that surrounds me.” 

“Sometimes God uses the exact thought in my head and the things I am dealing with when the message of the song on Life 97.9 comes on and fits perfectly with what is going on in my life. It touches my heart and my spirit.” 

Let’s continue to look to God for the love and encouragement we need to get through difficult times. Thank you so much for listening! You make this “the best of times” for us here at Life 97.9

Yours in Christ,

Doug Smith
Station Manager

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  • Thank you for being on the air, your uplifting music and stories are such a blessing! I am a proud supporter now, because you helped me through both my mom and son’s passing and now this COVID situation. God is good, all the time and your station helps remind me of that. Bless you all!

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