Here are some of the many comments we have received at Life 97.9 over the past month:

“I really appreciate that I can listen to Life 97.9 without every break between songs being filled with breaking news of doom and gloom. Yes, we are going through difficult times, but we must cling to the hope that we will get through this. Focusing on the promises of Christ is much better than focusing on the fear and uncertainty of the world today.”

“Listening to Life 97.9 helps the fear melt away.”

“Listening to Life 97.9 is keeping me close to God since church services have been put on hold. I know I can always count on a song playing at just the right time.”

“My daughter and I sing the Life 97.9 songs together, and the uplifting message in every song is a gentle distraction from the chaos going on.”

“For the past two weeks I’ve been working from home. I have not thought about turning on the radio. I am noticing my attitude is sullener and so is my patience with my family. Tonight, when I jumped in my car to go shopping, it occurred to me what the cause was. I wasn’t getting my daily reminder to keep God in my life through Life 97.9!”

Do you see yourself in some of these comments? Are you allowing fear to crowd out hope? Are you needing an uplifting message? Are you getting a reminder to keep God first? We are grateful that God is using Life 97.9 to meet some of the very real needs in our community during this uncertain time.

Another very real need felt by many is hunger, because of all the layoffs over the past 6 weeks. Yes, businesses are starting to re-open, but it will be months (at best) before everyone who lost a job can get a new one. So, Life 97.9 is partnering with New Life Center in Fargo to provide meals for families in need.

When you give a Team 360 gift to Life 97.9 (that is a $360 gift, or a commitment of $30 a month), a generous, anonymous donor will provide 20 meals to be given away by New Life Center. So, your gift right now does double-duty by keeping Life 97.9 strong and helping to feed the hungry in the F-M area.

Could you make your Team 360 gift right now? Thank you so much and stay safe!

Yours in Christ,

Doug Smith
Life 97.9 Station Manager


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