All over the Valley, churches are temporarily suspending services while we fight back against the Coronavirus through social distancing. Strange world, isn’t it? The places we normally associate with sanctuary and the presence of God are now considered off-limits because of the potential for spreading a dangerous virus.

Although churches are places of worship, they are also businesses with employees and bills to pay. From my experience of being on church boards, anytime a regular Sunday service must be cancelled because of bad weather, the finances of the church take a hit because they weren’t able to take an offering.

That’s why we strongly urge you to continue to financially support your local church even though you can’t be there in person. Many churches make online giving possible through their website. If that’s the case for your church, please continue your regular giving pattern. If that’s not possible for you, mail in your checks each week.

At this point, there’s no way to know how long we need to keep this up. I’m an optimist and am hoping we will be able to meet once again to celebrate Easter Sunday, but that might not be possible. Regardless of when we gather again, we will all want and need our churches to be physically, spiritually, and financially healthy.

Please join me in continuing your normal giving pattern to your local church. Pray for your pastor and your ministry team. I know they are praying for you. Of course, let’s pray that this virus can be brought under control quickly. Thank you and stay safe!

Yours in Christ,

Doug Smith
Life 97.9 Station Manager

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