I had a chance to talk with with Matthew West about his new record “Brand New” during the Afternoon Drive. Matthew also shared encouragement during these uncertain times and talks about how he was the first Christian Music Artist allowed to do a concert with Youtube Music Space in New York. He shared the first video “Hope Returns” from that experience today. Plus, he shared what he is up to on social media to try and stay connected with people.

Matthew West Interview


2 Responses to "Matthew West is bringing encouragement during tough times."

  • Donalee says:

    This interview was so uplifting! Thank you for the great conversation full of God’s power and Hopefulness spoken through the two of you!

  • Lucinda Essin says:

    Thank you for that encouragement and glimpse of things from your world view. I have unemployment that can help me out, but your income level is much harder to make up. I can see where it may be much scarier than than mine. I am a laid off medical worker who is borderline, back working, not there. I worked 2 days this week. I used up all my PTO this week to get my pay. Next week, may be the same but without PTO. We shall see. God has been so good to me and showing me how he is providing to fill in the gaps. I am not afraid and feel at peace about it. I thought I would be reassigned in the hospital to be on the front lines, but not yet. I work in the clinic and don’t have hospital experience, so I would have to be taught from scratch. They don’t have time for that right now. I signed up for Up-skill training but have heard nothing yet. I can’t pray long enough in the morning to pray for everyone and everything that is in my heart. I give out “snatch” prayers to God throughout the day as I hear about different needs. There is just so much. I pray for our President and Vice President to sleep at night so that they can make their decisions rested and our other leaders and supervisors as well. May we remember them at times throughout this. My friend is a director of nursing for a small hospital in a small town in North Dakota and I know she and others in authority are exhausted from all the decisions that they have to make and plans they have to come up with to fight this battle from the frontlines or for the frontlines. There is much stress and fear all around not knowing how bad it will get here in Fargo and other large cities but what about the small towns when they get overwhelmed? How will they manage? They can’t send them to the big cities where it is worse. May God help us all! Blessings to you and all on Life Radio team!

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