I don’t know about you, but I am easily distracted. I’ll start one task, see something else that catches my attention, and before long I’ve completely spaced the thing I set out to do. Does that happen to you too?

Distractions. They happen to all of us. Last week during our Life 97.9 Fall Share fundraiser, I’m afraid the impending winter storm, which became reality on Friday, was a huge distraction for many of our regular listeners. People were understandably curious about when the storm would hit and how bad it would be, and as a result, I fear a good number of folks who would normally have contributed during our Fall Share missed this opportunity to support the ministry.

Because of this rather significant distraction, we did not reach our giving goals for the event. Our hope and prayer was to reach the 50% mark of our annual $900,000 goal, or $450,000. As of right now, our overall total is about $13,000 short of that mark.

If you overcame that big distraction last week and gave during Fall Share, THANK YOU! If you intended to give but your attention was distracted by the big storm, could I ask you to make a gift today? As a token of our thanks, we’re continuing to offer our fundraiser premium of a long sleeve Life 97.9 t-shirt for all gifts and pledges of $30/month (or $360/year) or more. Just click HERE.

…and speaking of t-shirts, did you see the one that said…oh wait, I’m getting distracted again. Thanks so much for being a friend of the Life 97.9 ministry and God bless you!

Yours in Christ,

Doug Smith
Life 97.9 Station Manager

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