Now that our financial year is over, I wanted to let you know more precisely about our financial position. Our goal was $875,000 and we ended up with $836,285 from our faithful listeners. This is a new record for Life 97.9 donations! Thank you! As I mentioned on the air, thanks to careful money management, we are able to pay our bills and continue this ministry.

I have always believed in sharing these kinds of details with our listening family because you are the ones keeping this ministry going financially, and you deserve to know what’s going on behind the scenes. It’s all about transparency and accountability. I want you to know I will always shoot straight with you.

The reason we want to be faithful with the resources you bless us with is so that we can communicate God’s love to people here in the Red River Valley who are hurting. Here’s a comment we received from this listener just last month:

“God Only Knows” by for KING & COUNTRY is what I love best on Life 97.9 recently. We all are going through something and some things are harder than others. We need to always remember that. I have had thoughts of ending my life. I feel very alone at times, like no one understands. God is the ONLY one who knows what I have gone through and how I hurt sometimes.”

As we enter a new financial year with new goals yet to be met, our prayer is that the music on Life 97.9 will continue to reach people with the hope and encouragement that can only come from God. I believe that’s your prayer too. Your support of Life 97.9 is reaching those who need a reminder of God’s constant love and care.

If you’ve never given before, please consider joining the support team that makes this ministry possible. You can give right now by clicking this link.

Thank you, and thanks for listening to Life 97.9!

Yours in Christ,

Doug Smith
Station Manager