Back in 1996, I moved from a commercial Christian radio station to a non-commercial Christian station. The main thing on my mind as I made this move was, “Now I’ve got to ask listeners for money.” The prospect was not appealing.

Now, after 23 years in non-commercial ministries, I wouldn’t dream of going back. What made the difference for me? This happened when I realized that I wasn’t asking listeners to give to ME, I was asking on behalf of the countless thousands who daily rely on this ministry for a reminder of God’s love. Fundraising became a form of ministry!

We take our mission very seriously – to reach people for Jesus and to help believers grow in their faith. THIS is what we are asking you to join us. You have an opportunity to do Kingdom work together. We invite you to see your giving not as helping your favorite station pay the bills and stay on the air, but as your personal ministry to the spiritually hungry and thirsty people here in the Valley.

For example, your past giving to Life 97.9 made this story from an anonymous friend possible: “I was listening to “Just Haven’t Seen It Yet” by Danny Gokey as I was considering divorcing my wife. I heard the song and realized that there is hope for our relationship and that I “just haven’t seen it yet” for what God is going to do in our marriage.”

I don’t view donations as simple financial transactions. Giving money is easy – just write the check and walk away. What we hope is that your giving is an investment of part of yourself and that it’s an integral part of your spiritual vision for your friends and neighbors. It’s much harder to give love than to give money. When you give with a heart of love, you change lives for Jesus.

Our financial year will end on June 30th and we are still thousands of dollars away from meeting our financial need. As we look back over the past 12 months, God has enabled us to encourage and uplift our listeners. Perhaps you are among them. Is God leading you to invest in this ministry of encouragement? Your gift today is needed and appreciated at

Yours in Christ,

Doug Smith
Station Manager