Life along 52nd Ave South is going to be a little crazy this summer. This is because of the reconstruction project going on; widening the road from 45th St to 63rd St, which is right in front of our studio building. However, in exchange for a summer of detours, we will gain a beautiful new four-lane road, complete with turn lanes and traffic lights. I know this is only one of many road construction projects going on around the F-M area. You’re probably facing your own set of detours this summer no matter where you live. It’s easy to get frustrated with the process.

Maybe there is a metaphorical “construction project” going on in your life. They can take many forms, such as financial, health, relational, and spiritual. Generally speaking, when we find ourselves in a rough place in any of these areas, it can sometimes be the result of neglect and lack of attention to important principles. Few of these problems can be solved quickly and easily. Just as it took time for the problem to build up, it also takes time and a good deal of work on our part to resolve it.

It’s easy to get impatient with the process, especially when progress seems slow or non-existent. What is it that keeps us motivated? A vision for the finished product. Just like thinking about what the road will look like when this reconstruction project is over, so can visualizing what your hoped-for result will be, and can keep you going even when it would be easy to give into discouragement.

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Yours in Christ,

Doug Smith
Station Manager

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