The city of Fargo is looking for help filling 1 million sandbags, in preparation for flooding in the Red River Valley.

The city has put together a website to allow the public to see where assistance is needed. Individuals and groups can visit to decide when to volunteer. The city is looking for 200 volunteers during each time slot. To register or volunteer, you may call the Fargo Sandbag Central Hotline at 701-476-4000.

Fargo Sandbag Central opens at 7 am Tuesday, March 26, and will run from 7 am to 7 pm weekdays. The City is hoping to reach a goal of 1 million sandbags.

Mayor Tim Mahoney stated, “It is critically important for everyone to know that we need the public’s assistance in this time of need; we cannot be complacent. Once again, we need to see the Spirit of Fargo across our volunteer efforts. Working together, we’re all committed to successfully protecting the Fargo metro.”

This is a way that we all can lift up the name of Jesus in our community, and show His love.  Please pray for the area, and be on the look out for ways you can help people who may be affected.