One of the most beloved names in CCM music is back with a refreshed sound and a life changing message.

Sanctus Real’s brand new album Changed features the powerful anthem, “Confidence”. It’s a song that points to the source of true identity and tackles head on the insecurities and sense of inadequacy that so many of us battle every day.

As celebrated musicians, it might be tempting to think that these guys wouldn’t suffer from similar struggles. Dustin Lolli, the band’s new lead singer, says that’s not even close to the case.

“I don’t think anybody – it doesn’t matter who they are – gets away from feelings of inadequacy at some point. I think some people mask it better than others! It’s a human trait to to question ourselves all the time. This song came at a very important time for us and for the season we were in. When you kind of restart, and you’re trying to put yourself back out there, it’s so easy to get lost in all the day to day stuff.”

“We sat down in the beginning, when they invited me into this process. The reason we decided to keep this thing going is because we thought there was such a ministry platform here to be able to to influence and love people. And it’s easy to lose sight of that going through the typical day to day stuff.”

Dustin expands on how the song’s message proved so poignant in this specific season of change.

“The whole thing is a prayer – about giving us faith and hope that’s more than just ourselves. That He sees a bigger picture then just how we can benefit from it.”

“I think serving God is an amazing thing. Because we find so much value in work and being able to provide for our families, but – at the same time – we’re supposed to live humbly as well. That’s beautiful. Living your life in this balance of a God confidence and serving others. It’s a beautiful thing! I think all of us as Christians should should pray this prayer all the time. Give us confidence to honestly make it not about ourselves and be okay with it.”

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Sanctus Real is the chart topping CCM staple behind the brand new album Changed, featuring the hit single “Confidence”.

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