They’re known for soaring anthems of worship. Filling stadiums with young people across America and raising the name of Jesus in song. But the genre-shaping recordings of Passion Music are accompanied by something else. Passion is intentionally equipping a generation to bless those in need. Whether it’s mobilizing support for hurricane relief or sharing the gospel in a closed country like North Korea, where does this heart for blessing others come from?

Passion worship leader, recording artist & songwriter Kristian Stanfill tackles the question.

“From the beginning Passion has always said that worship and justice are two sides of the same coin. At some point, what we are saying has got to be what we live out. If all we’re doing is singing the songs, gathering together in arenas, having an experience together – but it doesn’t shape or change the way we interact with the world around us, then I’m not real sure what we’re doing.”

And that’s the foundation that leads to some amazing outreach.

“So the goal of Passion is to come together. To gather to worship God. To sing the songs. To experience the power of the presence of God, and be changed by it. But then to go back out to these universities and cities around the world, and do something about the injustice and the brokenness in the places that we are every single day.”

“So that has always been a high priority for us at Passion, and that’s really come down from Louie and Shelly (Giglio) who really envisioned and pioneered this whole Passion Movement. They’ve stewarded what God has put in their hands very well. But it’s coming down from them. It’s the same way at Passion City Church. We want to engage our neighborhood here in Atlanta. Not just the building where we gather – but we really want to affect change in our city.”

On the Road with Kristian Stanfill

Kristian Stanfill is a recording artist and worship leader with Passion Music. Their latest album – Whole Heart – is now out on digital and physical copy. He’s also worship pastor at Passion City Church in Atlanta, Georgia.

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