Google any parade. Instead of looking at the parade, look at the crowd. You’ll see all kinds of people of different ages and sizes, all living different lives. This last Sunday was Palm Sunday. It’s when Jesus had His great entry into the city as the crowd hailed Him as King and yelled, “Hosanna” (or “Save now”)!

Who was in the crowd watching? Scripture states there were Seers. These were those who just came to watch. There were believers, those who knew what was happening, believed in Jesus, and knew what they were shouting. There were also the Jewish rulers who were not happy with what was going on at all. There were the Roman soldiers that were ready to do what the rulers told them to do, and finally, there were the Greeks who only wanted to learn about what it was all about, but didn’t believe in Jesus.

Can you remember where you were in the crowd in your lifetime? Has your position changed through the years into faith in Jesus as your Savior? It’s amazing to me that many of the people in the crowd who were calling Jesus the King, in a short time were also yelling, “Crucify Him”. How quickly it all can change!

This weekend, as we go towards Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday, think about the crowd of people you know looking on at your faith. These are our friends, neighbors, and co-workers all in the crowd of humanity, all looking at Jesus in a different way. This year, find a way to reach out to them to let them know what you know – that Jesus was and is the Messiah, worthy of what they yelled then, and help them to understand how to consider making Him the Lord of their life.

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