Lent is here again. Many celebrate this part of the church calendar in different ways. Some totally fast from food for a time. Some do a liquid fast or a fruit fast. Fasting is for anytime in the year, not just Lent. The purpose of fasting is “To turn away from the normal routine of life and wait before the Lord.” The goal is to small the wall between us and God as we go toward the resurrection season and the High Holy Days of Christianity.

If you’re physically unable to fast from food, I wonder if this will small your wall during Lent? Fast is a verb. It means to “abstain from”.   This Lent, let’s try to fast some of these things.

Fast: Criticism, self pity, resentment, jealousy, selfishness, and fear.

If you’re going to fast you must also feast. To feast is to enjoy unusual pleasure or delight.

This Lent, let’s try to feast on these things.

Feast on: Praise, joy, contentment, love, humility, and service.

We can gorge ourselves on God’s Menu of the Bread of Life, The Living Water, the Milk of the Word (the basic knowledge of God), the Meat of the Word (the higher and deeper things of God), and the Fruit of the Spirit.

This Lent, let’s turn away from the normal routine of our lives and small that wall between us and God, get closer to Him, and become more Christ-like.

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