Are you tired of feeling like the shame from your past and present is condemning and confining you? We can fight back against shame by replacing the lies shame feeds us with truth from God.

Aubrey Sampson shares several lies we are tempted to believe and the truth that extinguishes the lie.

Lie 1: I will have more worth if I am (other)

“Statistics say that 80% of women are unhappy when they look in the mirror. We are up against this ever-increasing pressure to have it all and look perfect. Shame works side by side with that lie and makes us believe that if we looked younger or thinner, or if we were somehow different, then we would be free from shame.”

However, all this lie does is put ever-increasing pressure on women to be someone other than who God intended them to be.

“The reality is we are created in the image of God, right? Imago Dei, we are His image with exceeding worth. Sometimes when we think of our relationship with God, we think, when I get to heaven, then I’ll have the body I’m supposed to or then I’ll be the women I’m supposed to be, while I think there is some truth to that, the reality is that God wants to display His image in us now.”

The good news is, we can display His image, His beauty, His creative, just by being us.

“We were designed to carry His image of love to the world.”

Lie 2: I cannot experience freedom from shame

Aubrey says another lie we believe is that there really is no escape from shame.

“Sometimes we know in our heads that we can get set free from shame, but day after day we still experience shame. I’m never going to change, I’m always going to struggle with this. We replay those scripts from our past over and over again.”

However, the truth is that God is able to evict shame from our lives.

“Sometimes it’s a process of releasing the shame from our past and forgiving ourselves, but often we have to do the very hard work of forgiving others as well.”

The lies shame tell us – part 1

The lies shame tell us – part 2

Aubrey Sampson is the author of  and an upcoming book on Lament and Hope. An in house blogger for MOPS, International and a member of the Redbud Writers Guild, Aubrey travels around the country teaching at church events and retreats.

Key Scripture: Psalm 34:5

Featured Songs: Overcomer – Mandisa; The War is Over – Bethel Music; Catch the Wind – Bethel Music

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