Do you remember the story of Job?

He went through a lot, having one of the worst trials and sufferings of anyone in the Bible. At the end, God blessed Job more than He ever had before, even more than Job could imagine. What are four things that happen during Christmas? Family and friends get together for fellowship, there is usually a big Christmas meal, people catch up on their lives and sometimes there are serious talks where they share and pray for each other, and lastly, we give gifts.

Did something very Christmas-like happen at the end of the book of Job in chapter 42:11?

  •           “Then came there until him all his brothers, and all his sisters, and all they that had been of his friends before…”

See, a great fellowship at Job’s place, just like at Christmas.

  •           “…and they ate bread with him in his house…”

A big meal, just like at Christmas.

  •           “…and comforted him over all the evil that the LORD had brought upon him…”

There was care and prayer, just like at Christmas.

  •           “…every man also gave him a piece of silver, and everyone a ring of gold.”

Job received gifts, just like at Christmas.

In the Old Testament, silver means redemption and gold means deity. Note that every person gave Job the same gift. They knew that he was redeemed by God and that he worshiped the true God.

This Christmas, if you’re going through a Job-like experience, remember Job. He stayed with God no matter what and he was blessed in the end; and you will be too.



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