What is a eulogy?  A eulogy is a high praise or commendation of a person or a thing.  2nd Corinthians 9:5 states, “Therefore I thought it necessary to exhort the brothers, that they would go before to you, and make up beforehand your bounty.”

Paul was asking the Church at Corinth to prepare a gift and invest in the ministry so that when he came, all the needs would be met.  The Church was growing. Note also that Paul used the word exhort to the believers to give. This was an encouragement of giving.

The word bounty in this verse is the Greek word, “eulogia.”  It’s where we get the word eulogy from. Paul was asking the Church to prepare beforehand a gift either so large or so on going, that it would actually be a testimony, a eulogy of what they thought about the ministry.

Fall Share starts Oct. 10th. What part of this ministry at Life 97.9 ministers to you? Is it the other ministries we support? Or is it the music, the articles on the website, our concerts? Prayerfully consider a gift of support beforehand that would be a bounty so we can keep going with all the Lord is directing us to do at Life 97.9. Thank you for your support!

If you feel led to make a pre-Share donation, you may do so here: https://northwestern.givingfuel.com/201703-life-979

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