Lots of people are excited about the eclipse this August. Did you know God put a great example of this in scripture in Genesis?

Gen 1:16  God made two great lights, the Greater light to rule the day and the lesser light to rule the night.

These were Sun and the Moon to shine on earth. If Jesus was the greater light and the Church was the lesser light, how would that apply?   Jesus (sun) produces His own light. The Church (moon) simply reflects the light of the sun. The Church was to reflect the light and life of Jesus on a dark and unbelieving world.

What happens when the Moon gets between the Earth and the Sun? Eclipse!  What happens when the Church gets between Jesus and the unbelieving world? We block the true light of Jesus and think we produce our own light, giving the world just a rim of Jesus’ light.

What happens when the Earth gets between the Sun and the Moon? Eclipse!  What happens when the world gets between the Church and Jesus? This is when the cares of this world block our light and life and now both the Church and the world are lost.

Ever see a new moon? That’s a new Christian beaming the new light they have from their salvation. Ever see a large harvest moon? That’s the goal in our life – to shine Jesus to everyone we meet as a new full moon.


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