Have you noticed how some people are able to enjoy life even when they are in tough situations?  I admire those kind of people in my life so much that I informally started asking them about how they do that.  Many were unaware they were doing anything different, but once they started talking about it, three things rose to the surface. The best thing is they are available for anyone in any situation to do.

1. Keep a sustainable schedule

So many people are overbooked with good things that have lost their goodness because we don’t have the energy to sustain them all—multiple Bible Studies or small groups, multiple activities for your children, maintaining dozens of friendships, volunteer opportunities, the list goes on and on.  The reality for all of us is we only have 24 hours in a day, and if we going to spend any of them sleeping, recharging, or decompressing, we need to say no to good opportunities.  An easy way to tell if you’re overbooked is to ask yourself if you feel like your calendar is full of “get to” or “have to” items.

2. Plan for change

Our default is to want what we already know, so change becomes something to resist rather than embrace.  Just like a parent need to understand that your baby is going to turn 1, then 2, then 18, plan for change and let yourself be excited for the new opportunities a new season of life will bring rather than wishing it was like how it was before.

3. Be grateful for everything

There is no aspect of your life too small to be thankful for it.  The coffee you groggily make in the morning, the clean water to fill the pot, the electricity to heat the water, on and on.  Everything is a blessing.  Focus on being grateful and you’ll see everything in a new, better way.

Implement these three things, and I would bet your life will be more enjoyable than it was before.