It’s not a run of the mill occurrence for a musician to set out on a solo career, only to have a number one song in America within months!

Jordan Feliz says watching the success of  has been humbling & a joy.

As a former member of a faith-based heavy metal band, turned worship leader, Jordan felt a nudge to begin a solo ministry. He explains how God opened so many doors to make that happen. Yet there were also real challenges.

“Honestly, I think the majority of it was a leap of faith. Getting to Nashville was crazy. My wife and I did not have the money to get there, but you know we felt like we were called to do it. I was calling churches on our way to Nashville to see if I could lead worship or something! It was crazy how much He provided for us.”

As anxious of a time as it was in a sense, Jordan says making that move has really shaped the rest of his life.

“I feel like the moment that we actually got to Nashville He just kind of poured this word over me that He can do more with what I have than what I could do with it. I think it was kind of this thing of saying, ‘I’m just going to release it.‘ I’m going to release my entire life and just say, ‘Lord take it, and do what you you want with it.’

This type of leap of faith wasn’t a one time requirement for Jordan. In high school he never wanted to sing! He was more than content playing drums, but a morning no-show by the scheduled worship leader at his church found him another moment that would shape his life.

“I never wanted to sing. Ever. But I started playing piano when I was eight. And I’d started playing drums for my youth group.”

“One Sunday, the worship leader that was going to lead worship didn’t show up. My youth pastor said ‘Bro. You know all the songs. You can do it!‘ I just kind of laughed. But no, he was serious! He used to be a professional baseball player; he’s a giant human being. He looked at me a second time. ‘Oh no! You’re going to do it!'”

“But man – in that moment, I actually developed almost this desire for worship. Leading people in worship is just amazing. So it kind of opened this door of me acknowledging that this is something that the Lord kind of shoved me into – pushing me off the cliff, but at the bottom there was this giant warm hug. I’m going to be there to catch you.”

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