If you have daughters between the ages of 16 and 25, they might be watching The Bachelor on TV.   My girls do, and I catch it out of the corner of my eye.  I understand that when you’re a single girl, the idea of this dream date is an alluring thing, but that’s not the way dating is supposed to happen.  One guy kissing dozens of girls to figure out which one he is most compatible with?  And a bunch of girls are clawing at each other, undermining one another just trying to get the prize?  I’m not sure anyone in that show really has true love for the person.   I think they just want to win.  Rose ceremonies are a far cry from wedding ceremonies.

I feel like I always have to say, “girls, it’s not that way.”  I tell them that the truth is, when it’s right, you don’t have to compete with anybody.  It’s just right, and any boy that’s willing to kiss 25 other girls will only lead to confusion for him and bitterness for them.

Mom, be sure to have real conversations with your daughter about her worth–how it’s more than being one of many options for a boy.  Tell her you pray for her dating life.  Tell her God has a plan for her and it’s worth waiting for.

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