Is Christianity boring? Many people are under the impression that living the Christian life is a death sentence for excitement. Dr. Alex McFarland exposes the truth regarding the myth that Christianity is boring.

Dr. McFarland has interviewed many people about Christianity and many of them, especially young people say they would become a Christian but they are afraid of being bored.

“For those who have known the Lord more than 30 minutes, you have to chuckle because Christianity is a lot of things but it is not dull.”

Not only is the Christian life exciting because of what God does in and through the life fully surrendered to him, it is also exciting intellectually.

“Christianity is a thrilling adventure in terms of the intellectual side of life, to learn the Word of God and to begin to understand how life operates and how God designed some of the most important things in our lives like marriage and family.”

Christians all over the world have a special connection to each other because the Savior. We can build relationships with people we would never have met because of our relationship with Jesus Christ.

“You and I are hundreds and hundreds of miles away, we would have never known each other except for Jesus. You’ve got these people all over the world that you meet and they are total strangers but they’re like dear friends.

Following Jesus changes relationships and develops new friendships, and it can also have a deeply personal impact as well. For instance, Alex failed 11th grade English class because he wouldn’t get up in front of the class to present; now it’s a different story.

“Now I stay in the homes of total strangers almost every weekend, I get up and speak in front of thousands of people. Jesus not only saved my soul, he changed my personality.”

When we allow God to take control of our lives and have His way, nothing is off-limits for Him to transform us more into the image of His Son.

“Christianity, experientially, intellectually, emotionally, it is the most exciting adventure on which one will ever embark.”

Highlight: Is Christianity boring?

Is Christianity boring?

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