“I want to live and serve faithfully to the end.” – Peter Greer

When you reach a certain age in life, you can lose focus and forget God’s plans for you. Peter that like the journey from childhood to adulthood, entering the middle stage of life is a big transition.

“In many ways it does seem like a second adolescence, expect the consequences are far greater.”

Finishing the Christian life well isn’t easy, and many stalwarts of the faith failed to do so.

“You look around, you look in Scripture and you realize that two out of three leaders didn’t finish well. If you look around the world today, you realize that those statistics seem like they still carry weight.”

The middle period of life can be a very confusing and difficult time and many people lose focus.

“This time of life for many years has been a time of turbulence and people don’t expect it so their seatbelts aren’t fastened and the consequences of getting this season wrong are significant.”

How can we finish well?

One way to finish well is by being honest with ourselves.

“When we look around and say that turbulence is coming, are we ready for it?

One of the biggest mistakes people make that contribute to mid-life stumbles is they fail to build solid relationships later in life.

“The time of life when we need friendships the most, we find them in incredibly short supply.”

According to Peter, most men do not make any new friends after they turn 36 years of age, and woman aren’t much better. In order to finish well, we need to be surrounded by people who encourage us to pursue Christ above all things.

According to an old African proverb, it is wise to always have four friends.

“Four is the number of people that you need to carry a stretcher, you want to make sure at 3 a.m. you’ve got four friends right around you who can carry your stretcher.”

While very dramatic, this ancient proverb speaks volumes in regards to the importance of having friends that are there for you whenever you need them.

“One of the applications for me is am I making time and space during this busy stage of life to make sure I’m investing in friendships.”

Key Scriptures: Ecclesiastes 12:13-14

Highlight : Keeping friendships in mid-life

Your mission in mid-life

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