Our story starts in a similar fashion to so many others – with a man dressed in a giant green bean costume. Never mind – this tale just might be somewhat unique.

“We were at costume party a few years back. I look up and she’s making a face.  She’s that subtle. Trust me.

A friend of mine goes, ‘I think Tammy’s having a stroke.’ ‘No I think she wants to talk to me outside. If I’m not back I enjoyed myself.’

I walk outside she goes, ‘Stop it! You’re acting like a fool!’ I said, ‘I’m dressed as a green bean. What’s proper public etiquette for a legume?!'”

Internationally acclaimed comedian Jeff Allen – a staple at corporate and inspirational events – has appeared on national television via numerous outlets like Comedy Central & Showtime. Jeff even performed as the featured act at President George W. Bush’s inauguration celebration. He draws much of his humor from the every day life of his family, and – as an amusing example – he takes us back to an evening he spent with his dear wife at a costume party.

So what is the secret to finding mirth in the ordinary things of everyday life?

“Woody Allen said comedy was tragedy plus time. And that to me means if you have time to heal from the wounds you should find humor in them. It’s well documented, I was not a good man when I got married you know. When you discover the joy of a relationship with Christ, it changes your perspective on the pain.

You know, what did somebody say? To the heathen, pain is central and joy is peripheral, and to the Christian, joy should be central and suffering peripheral.

My gift – I guess – is just taking notes!”

Highlight: Discovering laughter

Full interview: Finding the joy in every day

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