Do you have an extra bible? How about that Christian book that you just finished? Instead of bringing them to a used bookstore, consider donating them to  Love Packages – a ministry aimed at putting Christian literature and bibles into the hands of people around the world who are hungry for the Word of God.

Take a look around your home; there are millions of people across the globe who would warmly welcome any and all spare Christian literature that may be collecting dust on our shelves.

Here’s a list of some of the things that Love Packages is looking for:

  • Bibles (new or used): All Bibles, New Testaments, Bible portions, Individual Gospel booklets
  • Tracts: All tracts
  • Reference Books & Commentaries: dictionaries, bible dictionaries, concordances, commentaries, etc.
  • Books & Paperbacks: All Christian books – adult or children, fiction or nonfiction
  • Magazines: Any magazine from a Christian publisher. e.g. Discipleship Journal, Decision, Voice, Aglow, Christ for the Nations, Pentecostal Evangel, Message of the Cross, Leadership, Bread for the Children, etc.
  • Sunday School Supplies: We accept adult quarterlies and all teacher manuals in any amount from all publishers. We accept children’s quarterlies if you have the teacher’s manual and at least 8 student manuals. Please DO NOT SEND any handiwork, craft, or busy work papers.
  • Daily Devotionals: Upper Room, Daily Bread, In Touch, etc.
  • Tapes (cassette & VCR), CD’s, DVD’s, Records: music, movies, teaching
  • Puppets, Noah’s Ark, Bible games, Nativity sets, biblical puzzles: most anything that helps to present the gospel especially to children

You can find out more on their website, including where to send your items, phone numbers,  frequently asked questions, and testimonies of those who have been impacted by the generosity of others.

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