Life is challenging and filled with questions—especially when it comes to understanding God’s ways and purposes.

Best-selling author and bible scholar Ron Rhodes gives insight and answers to some of life’s hardest questions, and helps us gain a greater understanding of God’s Word. Listen as we discuss his recent book The Big Book Of Bible Answers: A Guide To Understanding The Most Challenging Questions.

Here are just some of the directions our conversation takes:

  • We talk biblical prophecy. Ron really enjoys studying what God’s Word has to say about the future & realizes there is still so much he wants to learn and understand in a greater way.
  • Ron believes that the majority of Christians don’t pick up their Bibles. When they do, it’s usually just on Sunday. That is particularly sad because there’s a direct correlation between spending time in God’s Word & your excitement for and engagement with your faith.
  • What percentage of the Bible is prophetic? The number may surprise you!
  • Will we have free will in Heaven? Ron responds by comparing our sin nature to a corrupted piece of software.

“The wonderful thing about Heaven is it won’t be contaminated with our sinful nature.”  

  • Where did Jesus’s spirit go after the cross?
  • In Heaven, we’ll know as we’ve never known before. Our senses will be heightened, and we’ll learn more and more about the character of God.
  • How we live today echoes into eternity.
  • What’s the appropriate time and place for baptism in the life of the believer?
  • Is there some sort of starter kit to understanding biblical prophecy?
  • Is the rapture a reality? If so, what are the scriptures that point to it taking place?

Highlight: The rapture

  • What is the spiritual implication of the breakdown of our physical bodies?
  • What’s behind the various beliefs about “The Tribulation”?

Understanding God’s Word

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