One of the most exciting pieces of mail delivered to your dust covered United States Postal mailbox is a hand written thank you card or invitation.  Something that invites you to come to a special event or a celebration perhaps.  Something to say your presence is welcomed.  Something to let you know you’re invited to be a part of something awesome.  Something that invites.

Did you know that Jesus invites you too?

In Matthew 11:28 Jesus invites…”Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

No matter where you have been, no matter your past.  You don’t have to hide anymore.   He welcomes you to His side.

Have you been searching and wandering, or hurting?  Jesus invites you with His arms open wide.  He knows you are weary and burdened.  He will exchange your heaviness for His rest.

Let His comforting love draw you near, He’s a Savior who can only heal those parts of you that only you know about.

You don’t have to dress up or dress down, pretend or put up a pretense.  You don’t even have to bring any brisket or homemade bread.  His arms are open…wide to catch you…just the way you are with all that you have to bring, all of it.

Jesus is bigger than all that darkens your heart right now.  And besides that..He already knows what’s weighing you down.  He knows your sin.

Yet He still invites you to come to the party of His Presence…just as you are.

What are you waiting for?

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