It’s every dad’s dream, sitting on the dock on a warm sunny day, fishing with your son, surrounded by the wonderful sounds of nature, the rich green colors provided by the trees, the calm water reflecting the clear beauty of the sky…Only I wasn’t enjoying the dream, I was too busy wasting my life glued to my phone. I find it almost scary how you can look around you and all you see now are people attached to their phone. The worst is when you go out to eat and you’ll see a couple at a table and one of them is on their phone, ignoring the person in their very presence. I’m not throwing stones here, because let’s just say I’m as guilty as anyone else. Do we really need to “like” every cat picture posted on Facebook? Do we really need to respond immediately to every irrelevant text with a “LOL”? Do we really need to see every Tweet about the latest celebrity baby? Our ability to appreciate that which is around us is rapidly diminishing by things that are completely inconsequential.

So there I was, standing on the doc with my very excited 7 year old son, when suddenly my phone slips out of my hand, bounces off the dock and into the lake. There it was, my very existence, now resting on the mucky bottom of the lake. It’s weird because my first thought as I saw my phone disappear out of sight wasn’t “Oh no, my life is flashing before my very eyes!”. Instead my first thought was relief, almost like I’d been freed, now allowed to enjoy life around me. I’m sure there is some fish swimming around right now, updating his status on Fishbook, totally oblivious to the world around him. I hope he enjoys his new found toy, because I’m going to enjoy the world around me.

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