Psalm 62:8: “O my people, trust in him at all times. Pour out your heart to him for God is our refuge.”

In all our times we should do this.

It seems to be the cause and effect at work in our lives.

At work, or with a project — is it only when we are handed a deadline that we do what we can do to meet it on time?

In the line at Wal-Mart or stand-still traffic, reactions are made quickly — and those angry words are hurled at strangers about time. Then we recant and lost words are just that…lost in time.

Is it when we hurl stones of retaliation at other tender hearts, we think they have to take it because they are family and we can make it right with them — “sometime”?

Is there a purpose for Christians who stab their own and leave them wounded, rejected, and hurting in the pew? Is it really love when we treat them the worst, “just this time”?

Does it take the fact that one is dying – before we start living?
Is it the living among the dead – or the dead among the living?
Are we really a broken people – or just disconnected from God because of our sin?

Why does it take a limp, sleeping infant’s hand to appreciate new life and a pale, dying hand to magnify death?

Is it that death always takes us by surprise or time steals our lackluster view of hope?

Our time matters.

My husband Terry and I have some open discussions about dying. I blurted out the other day that I would miss him when he meets Jesus, but I would be here celebrating his arrival to our “home” if he went before me. If we only knew how much time we had left.

God has been speaking to me about how I manage of the gift of time. You tell me how you do it…please?

Time it marches on, and it’s all ours to manage, even though God created it. Let’s be honest, we don’t manage it well unless we are under pressure to celebrate it or let go of it.

We don’t know how. I don’t know how. And it’s about time I learned. I’m tired of wasting this precious gift.

In the time it took to write this post, you could have told someone “I love you.” or “I know what you are going through, and would love to help you discover the answers.” Write that down, you might not get another chance to say it time.

God, remind us that our time is short, and that it matters. Remind us that if our days feel like we are running out of time, then we are running out of Your will. Time in Your presence goes swift and sure, I am swept away. Let us be aware of your timing. Let us always find you, God, where You are found in death, in life, and all the minutes in-between.

My prayer: Oh God let us become more aware of your Presence! God, may we seek you for you are good and holy — and rest for our weary days. May we be overcome by your Presence Lord, not the presence of messy life that plagues our hearts and makes us complacent in getting right with Jesus because there is “plenty of time”. We hunger for you God, the Giver of grace, mercy, and peace. Give us more of you to settle our hearts in your time. We trust you in these times.

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