Licensed Physical Therapist Lisa Morrone shares from a recent blog post that deals with a very curious issue:

Many years ago I began an evaluation on a new patient who was complaining of sport-related knee pain. Here’s how the first few lines of questioning went—



Me: Good morning, “Mr. Smith”, what brings you to into physical therapy today?
Patient: I have pain in my left knee.
Me: Where in the knee do you feel the pain?
Patient: (He points to the outside border of his left knee.)
Me: When do you experience this pain? …Wait for it…
Patient: When I load up my barbell with 600 lbs, place it on my shoulders and lower into a squat; when my hips get lower than my knees I experience a sharp pain in my knee.

Yeah, I bet you are thinking what I was thinking back then. MAYBE YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO DO THAT!

But despite some incredulity at this professional bodybuilder’s ability to lift 600 pounds, Lisa actually found problem in a different muscle than those found in the knee.

What was that muscle, and why may pain in your knee actually indicate an issue with your hip? Read the full blog post here, and listen to Lisa’s interview on Faith Radio Mornings below:

Lisa Morrone

Photo: flickr

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