It’s a topic that’s not talked about much in the church: eating disorders.

Author and speaker Lee Wolfe Blum has experienced the effects of severe eating disorders, but was able to find a new hope in Christ and thirst for life — before it was too late.

ANAD reports that over 24 million people of all ages and genders experience some kind of eating disorder, and most people who have those disorders also meet criteria for depression.

Blum joined Faith Radio Mornings to share her testimony and talk about her book A Table in the Darkness. She says her experience with eating disorders started when she went to college, but had a much deeper root:

“I had this kind of deep desire to be perfect. It didn’t make any sense…I thought if I could just try harder and could be better, I thought I would be good enough for me and for God. And it led me to a very dark place.”

She says eating disorders are more than just a spiritual problem:



“What I don’t think people realize is that people who are experiencing psychological distress, the first person they go to is usually clergy or a pastor…but often times we get the wrong messages and we can wound people by using Scripture to put a bandaid on something that needs professional help. You would never say to a person who broke their arm, ‘well if you could just pray about it, you’ll be healed.’ Praying about it is absolutely necessary, but you also need to seek help as well.”

You can hear Lee Wolfe Blum’s full interview on Faith Radio Mornings below:

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Lee Wolfe Blum is a Health Educator at the Melrose Center for Eating Disorders in St. Louis Park, MN. In addition to her job encouraging and educating patients on a day-to-day basis, she runs a support group for friends and family of those affected by eating disorders. 

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