“Mom, you know what’s gonna be great about heaven?” my daughter asked, eyes hopeful and practically pleading for me to respond. . .so of course I did. “What, honey?”  “Well, Mom,” she spoke confidently, with her then 9-year-old wisdom, “We will be satisfied. No one will want anything. It’ll just be Jesus, and us, and everything will be just right.”

I guess I hadn’t really thought about heaven that way. But she’s right.

We live in this world, which is filled with longing every day. Desires are met, or unmet, but either way, the longing returns. Whether it’s hunger for food or money, a craving for recognition or anonymity, or even a desire to get into or out of a relationship, if the need is met, it is often temporary. We become hungry again, restless, or disillusioned and begin to search once more.

But in heaven, God will satisfy every need, every longing we have. We will be complete, with no missing pieces. All His finishing touches done, with everything in place. Satisfied!

Here on earth, during times of deepest longing, God is able to bring comfort and hope to our souls. Our unmet need is one that He can fix. His Grace was perfected, our debt satisfied when Jesus gave His life to break down the wall of sin that separated us from our Creator. Because God made us, he knows exactly how to fill the void in our soul, spirit, mind and heart, and His greatest longing is to bring you a restored relationship with him—a place in His family. And the ultimate satisfaction will come when creation is restored and His plans for this world are complete.

My daughter, left at birth at an orphanage, and then in foster care, is learning daily that her heavenly father will never leave her. She longs to be loved, accepted and valued. And don’t we all? But because of Jesus, she also knows that every unanswered question, need and longing will be satisfied when she meets her Savior face to face.

Have you given God your longings and asked Him to fill you with all He has to offer?

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