One of my pet peeves is those rogue shopping carts just end up hanging out in the wild open parking lots. It’s not like they just take off with a mind of their own you know on some escape route that leads them to freedom. No….someone left them there, with no thought of walking them to their proper return stalls.

Does this bother anyone else?

It seems I have a rather long list of pet peeves.

The other day I saw two random shopping carts in the lot, as I was unloading my groceries in the car trunk. It was a Sunday afternoon and I just wanted to get home, you know what I’m talking about don’t you? In my weekend book, a Sunday afternoon that’s not wrapped around a nap doesn’t turn out well.

Anyway, I started my car and turned on the air conditioner to get the car a-cooling. I put my last bag in the car and then the little voice said, “Go put those two carts away while you are putting yours away.”

But…I was in a hurry to get to that nap.

“Come on, they are just right there…I want you to put those carts away too.”

“Can’t someone else do that God?”

“I’m asking you”.  I wanted to walk away. I looked around and the parking lot was like a ghost town.

Sigh…ok. So I grabbed my cart and rode it over to the second cart and then to the third.   (I might as well have a little fun with it, right?) and then pushed them all to the nearest cart stall which is always just a lane away.

“Thank you” …why your welcome God.

Now…this isn’t a post just to show you how polite God is when He is asking you to do something. It’s not about me telling you my good deed for the day. It’s certainly not about a pending citizen of the year award with my name on it.

And just so you know, I didn’t get that assumed nap either.

As I was driving home, God reminded me of this…

“It makes me happy when you obey, even in the small things, in the things that don’t seem so significant.”

All of a sudden I knew God was giving me an attitude check. I passed but might have schooched by with a C+. Remember I hesitated a bit before launching into a cart-moving machine.

I did put all carts away that someone else left for dead.

Obedience no matter how big or small is obedience. And the more we obey in what God asks of us the more he asks of us to obey Him. I like the exchange that happens.  The more I obey, I notice that hesitation disappears and my excuses fade.

It makes me feel good and that my life is right.  God has taught me many parts of obedience.

And it always comes back to a simple word.


Saying yes to God, no matter what is asked of me.

Back to the cart obedience…I did what God asked of me that day. I said yes to His request.   I am learning that each step of obedience it becomes more natural and worth each step.

Obedience to God is worth it all.

“There’s no riches or earthly treasures that will satisfy every longing for Jesus, set my heart on fire, no matter the cost, to let go ll I have to just to follow You….Jesus.” ~ Meredith Andrews

Big or small, significant or silly.  Whether a nap is on the line or not.

God show me what it means to follow you and say yes each and every time.

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