Having a healthy diet can be tough, and I found a great article about how to win the “mental game” when it comes to eating right.  Two things that stood out:


My dad has a saying “If it’s free, it’s for me,”  and I can’t help but think that I got my freebie finding from him.  It might be something from the break room at work, or wandering around Sam’s club on the weekend grabbing samples.  Free food can really add calories fast.

Fitness Magazine suggests: When faced with a tempting handout, ask yourself, “If it weren’t free, would I stop and buy it?” Anything not worth your hard-earned dollars or even cents isn’t worth the added pounds either.


When the kids don’t eat all the food on their plate, do you swoop in and bat clean-up?  I mean, you’d hate for that food to go to waste, right?  Doing that on a regular basis (like I do!) can really add unnecessary extra calories… and ultimately extra pounds.

Fitness Magazine suggests:  Never feel guilty for getting rid of extra food. Eating more than your body needs counts as wasting food too — it just gets dumped in your fat cells instead of the garbage can. Try reducing recipes so you make only as many servings as you have people. Give kids who don’t clean their plates smaller portions; if they’re still hungry, they’ll let you know.

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(photo source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/smanography/)

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