When thinking about adventures in faith, taking next steps without clear direction or guidance seems risky. Am I the only one who likes to have God’s plan marked out in sharpie on a triplicate hard copy for all parties involved?

Humm…I thought so.

There are no guarantees of a neat tidy journey wrapped up with pink bows and rainbows. Without clear direction from God, I hesitate to plug the next steps of this leg of my journey into the GPS on my phone. It seems risky most days.

There are some days I just can’t put my finger on why my resolve seems weak.

However, there is something I can put my finger on, and that puts strength to my faith in God.

God’s promises.

1 Chronicles 17:23-24 says, “And now, Lord, let the promise you have made concerning your servant and his house be established forever. Do as you promised, so that it will be established and that your name will be great forever.”

What a completely beautiful proclamation to put your finger on. This gives us something to stand on….the promises of God.


God’s promises stand forever. They stand the test of time. They stand strong, relentless, consistent and constant. God promises bind our relationship to His heart.

God’s promises can’t be broken.

God’s promises are worthy of forever, because it’s God’s name is on the line. His Holy Name.

Standing on God’s promises requires no stress, no anxiety, no worry, nor wrestling.

God’s promises are something that you can sink into and plant a deep faith in. God has never broken a single promise to one of His trusting children.

God promises are kept by His Holy character, His righteousness, justice, mercy and goodness.

He is not in the business of passing out rumors or false statements, maybe’s, or conditional possibilities.

If God has promised it you can believe it.

Every time I read the Bible of God’s promises that are promises fulfilled I am encouraged and can put my finger on God’s footprint on the promises that He has given to me. What I know about God so far on this faith journey is that He didn’t break his word to the faithful when His finger shut the door of the ark or when He wrote His truth on two tablets.

So this present day, I can put my finger on His faithful, abiding and unbreakable promises. Forever.

God doesn’t break His word. No fingers crossed for the future. I promise you.

What God promises are you claiming?

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