How many days have you woke up with worry? Too many days to count?

I love the charge that Jesus gives in Matthew 6 about the worry waters of life. Ever notice how He gives us instructions about what to do about worry?

Side note: when there is a “Therefore” in God’s word, it’s a red flag to see what it’s there for.

Jesus gives us specific instructions on how to wade through the worries of life. He makes it sound so easy in two words actually…”do not”.

What are you worried about today? Yes, I know today is full of full list of things that are weighing your heart down. And tomorrow? A new batch of worry comes along. How do you deal with the worries of life?

Do you store it up and let it seep into the corners of your heart? There are plenty of worries that plague us on a daily basis inside our homes, not to mention our current world situation.

How many times have you caught yourself worrying about something that never happens?

I learned worry from my mom. She would speak worry after worry about everything that never happened. She taught me how to be a good mom one worry at a time.

Do you think that God is wringing His hands with the worry that hit your mind this morning?

Tucked into the obvious therefore, Jesus gives us a guard against the things that we like to wade through daily. Simply put…Jesus says…”Trust me.”

He points out his creation and how wonderfully dressed it is, and how plentifully he cares for their needs. He even uses the comparison of Solomon’s splendor to bring His glorious riches to mind.

So you of little faith…why do you worry?

How do you guard yourself from wading through those worry rapids that escalate quickly into churning turmoil? Matthew 6:33 says, “BUT seek FIRST his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

See the promise here… oh you of little faith?

If we are seeking God, His kingdom, and His righteousness, then we won’t have time for worry. When we seek God we are are trusting God in everything and for everything. We are obeying His truth. We are submitting to His sovereign will for our lives, we are putting God first over worry. We are not bowing down to the idol of trying to fix ourselves or trying to control our lives. We are not worshiping the lurking pitfalls of sin that swirl around our ankles and draw us into the enemy’s dark pools of “what if’s”. We are looking to Him to take care of us. We are looking to God to be our Provider, we are looking to Him with a faith-filled heart that believes He is who He says He is.

So you of little faith…why do you worry?

Therefore, there should be no “But God?” questions.

Do not worry.

There is no future in it. Tomorrow will bring plenty of worry. Each day has it’s own agenda that knocks on your heart’s door and askes the “what if” question of the day.

But seek God.

I have trusted God with the most important decision of my life, I have trusted Him with my eternal life. Why do I think He can’t handle my husband’s next medical crisis? Or my own? Or the bottom line of my bank account? Or your next worry here…

But seek God. When I worry I am rebelling against the promise of God. When I am not seeking God but seeking to fix my own worries then that’s not trusting in faith that God will take care of whatever it is weighing heavy. I am not looking with big faith that says God is greater than my problem. I am not believing that He is bigger than the worry itself. I am forgetting that He already knows my yesterday, my today and my tomorrows. I am forgetting who God is.

When I forget who God is…well, now THAT is something to be concerned about.

But seek God. Do Not worry. So you of little faith…why do you?

There is no future in it. God already knows. Why should I worry about the things that He is in control of?

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