Christians are called to share their faith with neighbors openly and in various ways. But what if you’re an introvert? What if the very idea of speaking to people about your faith (or much anything else, for that matter) scares you half to death?

It’s good to remember that evangelism is so much more than handing out tracts or walking up to random strangers and “witnessing” in the traditional sense.

One of the greatest evangelistic tools is your testimony. Not only does that encompass what the Lord has brought you through, but also where you currently are in your walk. Your life as you live it in Christ can be an amazing yet simple tool.

Trust that God has a purpose for your life BECAUSE you are wired this way. Ask Him daily how He may use you, and trust that He will. Remember too that God uses us “in process”; we don’t have to attain some self-imagined place of spiritual growth and depth.


Key Scriptures: Matthew 6:33; 1 Corinthians 12:4-11

Introverted evangelist

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