self worth

Love your story!

No matter where your story is at right now - even if you don't like the particular chapter you're living at the moment - trust Him.


Recipe for greatness

To truly walk in places that are far beyond your qualifications, to make an impact that is bigger than you are, you need God.


Grace therapy

There’s a friend in my life who just gives me a lot of grief with the comparisons she always gives. I try my best but still she points out that something is wrong. Her words echo… “Not good enough.” I could dress my best and she will whisper, “Nice, but not as nice as hers.” I mess up and let my clumsy words…


Weight and self-worth

“Dear Mr. Scale, can I be honest with you for a moment? Our together times really don’t do much for me. I actually dread our appointments. And when you bring your friend Miss tape measure, well she really does a number on me.” I.hate.this. Have you ever had a conversation with your bathroom scale? Maybe I am a tad…


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Finding identity in Jesus

Josh Lauritch had it all - or so he thought. When his pride got the best of him, God got ahold of him and Josh learned his true identity in Jesus.



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